Day Habilitation

Group Day Habilitation

The Group Day Habilitation program supports individuals in their efforts to live their lives to the fullest. The E John Gavras Center offers group day services to teach individuals to effectively use their daily living skills as active participants within their community by taking part in everyday life situations: shopping, recreational activities or community events. Active participation builds self-confidence and ties within the community. Each person has an individualized plan to meet his or her needs and interests.

OPWDD Application EJG

Please complete the OPWDD program application form above and send to the Senior Team Leader of Day Habilitation, Renee Schneider. Contact information is on the form.

Because this service is available through OPWDD, an individual must be eligible for OPWDD to apply.

Community Living

Individuals with developmental disabilities want to enjoy life in their community by participating to the best of their ability in all it has to offer: the arts, recreation, education, and social service to others.These involvements make our community better, stronger and more vibrant.

The Group Day Habilitation service helps individuals with daily life activities and help them establish rewarding connections and relationships within their communities. The service is very flexible and can be provided almost anywhere an individual wishes to learn new skills in the community.  The service is offered in a group or team setting.