Agency History

The United Cerebral Palsy Association of Cayuga County New York, Inc. known today as the E. John Gavras Center was founded in 1953. It began as a small clinic, a therapeutic program for disabled children, in the Auburn Memorial Hospital with a physical therapist named John Gavras. The clinic was inspired by parents of children with developmental and physical disabilities who wanted another choice in care for their children. In two short years, the clinic needed more space expanding services, adding staff and serving many more children.

What began in 1953 was a program whose hallmark has always been cooperation with community organizations and responsiveness to the specific needs of the local citizenry. This philosophy has grown over the past 60 years and has evolved into an evaluation and treatment facility of the highest quality in Cayuga County providing educational, therapeutic, OPWDD and respite care to individuals with special needs of all ages. The geographic area serviced by the E. John Gavras Center includes Cayuga, Onondaga, Tompkins and Wayne Counties.

The E. John Gavras Center has grown dramatically itself over the past ten years offering a variety of programs and services to adults.

Vision: Our vision is to be an innovative leader in the provision of person centered services and supports, primarily for those individuals of all ages with special needs and their families through an array of quality programs and services.

Mission: The E. John Gavras Center, United Cerebral Palsy Association of Cayuga County, Inc.’s mission is to provide the highest quality Educational, Habilitative and Therapeutic Services in Cayuga and surrounding counties to help children, families and individuals grow as independent, healthy and productive citizens.