Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation services help individuals with daily life activities in their home environment and community. At the E. John Gavras Center, these services are provided on a one-to-one basis (one direct service provider to one consumer), which allows for a more flexible, individualized program. In an Individualized Service Plan, individuals identify meaningful outcomes,and the staff helps and supports them in attaining these goals.

OPWDD Application EJG

Interested in joining this program?  Complete the above form and send to the program coordinator at the E John Gavras Center. Contact information is on the form.

This is a Medicaid Waiver program operated under OPWDD.  Community habilitation services may be provided at any time of day, as long as similar Medicaid-funded services (e.g., day habilitation services or state plan services) are not provided at the same time.

Fun Friday Group

Celebrate the end of the week with friends who are happy to see you and ready to have some fun. A place where everyone knows your name!

Friday evening respite provides recreational activities, games, dinner and outings in a group setting. Get out and get social. Interacting in a group has many rewards. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a night of movies or fun with music this group knows how to enjoy each other’s company.

This group is for individuals with developmental disabilities ages 16 and up (a 3-to-1 ratio). The program gives participants the opportunity to practice their living skills with their peers and work within a group setting.

The group meets on Fridays from 3:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Cranebrook location. There is a monthly schedule. Sometimes the group’s members go out into the community for fun and other times they stay here.

The team incorporates opportunities to make friends and socialize. Participants may enjoy a family style meal together or go out for dinner. There are always a variety of fun activities to choose from.

The current team created the name Fun Fridays! Give it a try!

Contact your Medicaid Service Coordinator to review the information and make a referral to the program. The Program Coordinator will review information and set up an intake with family and participant. It is that easy!

Waiver Team
Senior Team Leader, Community Habilitation – Marie Leubner, ext 3101